Jobs and Economy

In order to create more good-paying jobs and maintain the quality of life we have worked so hard for, Congress needs to start working for us.

Tax Reform

The GOP tax plan is a giveaway to the wealthiest Americans – paid for by New Jersey’s middle-class families.


Climate change is real. Addressing it shouldn’t be a partisan issue – it’s an economic and national security issue that affects all of us.

Women’s Rights

A woman’s health decisions should be between her and her doctor. The federal government should have no say on when, how, and with whom women decide to start or grow a family.


Access to quality education and supporting our educators need to be top priorities.


Every American should have access to quality and affordable healthcare.

Tackling Addiction and the Opioid Crisis

The growing opioid epidemic in New Jersey is one of the most serious public health crises facing our communities.

National Security

As a former Navy pilot and federal prosecutor, Mikie spent her adult life fighting to keep our country safe. In Congress, our security will be her top priority.

Preventing Gun Violence

We need to do much more to keep deadly weapons out of the hands of violent criminals, domestic abusers, and terrorists.

Social Security and Medicare

Social Security and Medicare are promises to the American people. Mikie will never support a budget, as Congressman Frelinghuysen did, that makes massive cuts to Social Security and Medicare.


Washington has come up short on its promises to care for our veterans.

Holding Washington Accountable

President Trump promised to drain the swamp. But let’s face it: Washington is even worse today than when Congressman Frelinghuysen took office almost a quarter-century ago.