Climate change is real and addressing it shouldn’t be a partisan issue. It’s an economic and national security issue that affects all of us. With 130 miles of coastline, New Jersey will pay a terrible price if we don’t take meaningful action to end our reliance on foreign fuels and transition to a clean energy economy.

The residents of our community are strong supporters of the environment and it has long been an issue where we’ve come together in bipartisan agreement. From Superfund clean up to protecting the Great Swamp and Lake Hopatcong, our residents demand that our leaders be good stewards of our air, water, and land.

But instead of leading New Jersey forward, Congress is putting us further at risk – feeding us a false choice between creating jobs, fighting climate change, and keeping our air and water clean. They have rolled-back dozens of environmental protections that safeguard our drinking water, preserve our air quality, and keep our kids healthy.

Alternative energy sources like wind and solar can transform New Jersey’s energy sector, particularly in a state like New Jersey without a native fossil fuel industry. Here in New Jersey’s 11th District, we already have 600 solar jobs. In Congress I want to find partners to grow our clean energy economy and promote investment in innovation.

The East Coast has the best offshore wind conditions in the world, and the costs associated with developing offshore wind continue to drop. In fact, McKinsey reported last year that they expect a 68 percent drop in offshore wind costs by 2020. I join the entire New Jersey congressional delegation in its opposition to the unnecessary risk posed by offshore drilling.

In Congress, I will continue to uphold our community’s commitment to our planet and grow our clean energy economy.