The climate crisis is real and in New Jersey, addressing it isn’t a partisan issue. It’s an economic, national security, and public health issue that affects all of us. The residents of our community are strong supporters of the environment and it has long been an issue where we’ve come together in bipartisan agreement.

Whether it’s extreme flooding events, the high number of Superfund sites, or forever chemicals such as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) water contamination, the time to act is now. That is why I am working at the federal level and with local officials and advocates to slow the effects of climate change on our communities, ease the transition to clean energy for residents, and help keep our planet safe for generations to come.  

I have worked hard to bring people together to support our environment and clean energy economy. As Chairwoman of the Environment Subcommittee on the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee, I have held hearings and led legislation to address flood mitigation, lead in drinking water, climate-resilient infrastructure, and scientific integrity. 

I am proud to have voted for the Inflation Reduction Act, which marks our nation’s largest investment in clean energy, green technologies, and decarbonization all the while lowering our taxes. The legislation:  

  • Lowers our energy costs. 
  • Reduces our reliance on foreign oil. 
  • Provides energy efficiency tax credits for residents who purchase electric vehicles, install solar panels, and much more. 
  • Puts us on a path to reduce our carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030. 

Protect Open Spaces in New Jersey. I secured passage of the bipartisan Great American Outdoors Act, which was signed into law. This landmark conservation legislation will protect our public lands and permanently fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund, a program that has directly supported the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge and Morristown National Historical Park here in our district. I’ve also introduced legislation to restore a tax incentive to encourage brownfield remediation, for the benefit of New Jersey’s economy and environment. To expand our open spaces and recreation areas, I’ve supported the Essex-Hudson Greenway to create nearly 9 miles of trail from Montclair to Jersey City and I am working to secure funding to support the creation of a 7.7 mile hiking trail around the Boonton Reservoir.

Address Flooding, the Most Common and Widespread of All Weather-Related Natural Disasters. Repeated, devastating flooding endangers North Jersey homes and businesses. I’ve made it my mission in Congress to lead on flood mitigation, strengthen flood control and river management, improve weather forecasting, and build resilient neighborhoods. Through the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA), I secured funding to advance critical flood control projects in our district — some that have been stalled for decades like the Peckman River Army Corps project. My PRECIP Act passed in the House to improve flood risk communications and update out-of-date precipitation data which is critical for flood mapping efforts.

Ensure Clean Water. I have championed projects that will help ensure clean drinking water and protect our bodies of water. Through Community Project funding, I brought back our tax dollars to replace lead pipes in Bloomfield, address PFAS contamination in Hopatcong, and replace water mains in Stanhope. I have fought for increased funding to fight harmful algal blooms that threaten Lake Hopatcong and the communities that surround it. To protect New Jersey’s 130 miles of coastline, I joined the entire New Jersey congressional delegation in opposition to the unnecessary risk posed by offshore drilling.

Harness Renewable Energy and Increase Energy Independence. Alternative energy sources like wind and solar can transform New Jersey’s energy sector, particularly in New Jersey without a native fossil fuel industry. In Congress, I have authored bipartisan legislation to increase energy storage capacity, grow our clean energy economy, and promote investment in innovation. I introduced legislation to tackle the issue of methane leaks, which is a significant contributor to climate change. I am also a co-sponsor of the Energy Security and Independence Act of 2022, to promote United States energy security and independence by bolstering renewable energy supply chains in the United States.

Support Public Transportation. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is going to improve one of the most impactful forms of sustainability in which we can all partake — public transportation. By helping Americans ease their commutes through public transportation, we will reduce our carbon footprint and reduce congestion on the roads. This bill also funds the creation of a nationwide EV charging network to help incentivize and ease the transition toward electric cars.

Make New Jersey a Leader in Offshore Wind. The East Coast has the best offshore wind conditions in the world, and the costs associated with developing offshore wind continue to drop. New Jersey is poised to be a leader in wind energy, and I’m working in Congress to ensure that barriers to renewable development are defeated. I joined the entire New Jersey congressional delegation in its opposition to the unnecessary risk posed by offshore drilling. In Congress, I will continue to uphold our community’s commitment to our planet and grow our clean energy economy.

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