Tax Relief

New Jersey residents pay the highest property taxes in the country. But instead of easing this burden on New Jersey’s middle-class families, President Trump and Washington Republicans used the Trump Tax Plan to raise taxes on middle-class New Jerseyans by capping the state and local tax (SALT) deduction, double-taxing our residents.

It is critical that our tax system treats New Jerseyans fairly, and that requires a commitment to real tax relief that protects middle-class pockets, invests in growth, simplifies our tax code, and maintains our revenues. Most importantly, a tax bill that restores our full state and local tax deductions. 

During my time in Congress, I’ve sponsored multiple bills with Republicans and Democrats to help get New Jerseyans the tax relief they deserve. One of my bipartisan bills that passed in the House would not only lift the SALT cap but would also double the out-of-pocket deduction for educators, helping 17,000 teachers in the 11th District alone, and create a new deduction for first responders in work-related costs like professional development. 

When COVID-19 presented new and unimaginable hardship for our families in North Jersey, I worked to get the House to pass a second bill that would lift the SALT cap for two years. I also voted to eliminate the SALT deduction cap for 98% of NJ-11 families and allow families in NJ-11 to deduct an additional $7.6 billion in state and local taxes over the next five years. 

When Republican Senators doubled down on their attack on SALT in August 2022, attempting to extend the cap to further punish New Jersey families, I successfully fought back that effort. 

I will continue to work to find a path forward on SALT relief that will pass the Senate to strengthen our middle class and ensure New Jersey and the 11th District get a fair return on our federal tax dollars.

In addition to fighting the SALT cap, I have worked with members of both parties to bring federal tax dollars back to our state and take the burden off local communities for projects to clean our water, invest in our infrastructure, increase public safety, and build more housing. Since I’ve been in office, we’ve gone from 48th to 22nd for the federal dollars back to our state compared to the taxes we sent to the federal government.

The Inflation Reduction Act will give New Jersey residents tax relief. They’ll pay less in utilities and see the benefit of lower taxes by offering energy-efficient tax credits for electric vehicles and solar panel installations. The estimated energy savings will be between $300-$1,800 for New Jersey families.

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