I am a former Navy helicopter pilot, former federal prosecutor, and mother of four. I have spent my entire life serving our country.

Too many people in New Jersey are concerned about their future. Across our community, our neighbors grapple with how they will afford their homes, their kids’ college tuition, or rising healthcare premiums. Our seniors worry about the future of Social Security and Medicare. Parents worry about the world that our children will inherit. As a mom, I want to build the brightest possible future for all of our children and make sure that New Jersey is a place where our families can thrive.

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested North Jersey even more. This national crisis requires bold leadership focused on helping New Jerseyans. We need leaders ready to listen to ideas and to bring people together. We need to get back to a place where Congress works together to move our country forward regardless of what side of the aisle they occupy.

I have worked hard to find partners in Congress that share that common mission. To focus on policies and solutions that will improve our healthcare system, rebuild our transportation infrastructure, grow our clean energy economy, and help our country get through this unprecedented public health crisis. That’s why I’ve found Republican partners on 80 percent of the bills I introduced in my first term, including four pieces of legislation signed into law. It’s why I formed bipartisan groups like the Regional Recovery Task Force to bring Representatives in the Northeast together to work on coronavirus response legislation.

We have seen countless examples over the last few months of how this community comes together during times of struggle, and we need leaders in Congress that will do the same, leaders who put the people’s interests ahead of party agendas.

I am honored to serve the people of the 11th District and to fight for this community in Congress. This November, I’m running for re-election so we can continue our work.

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